,I have a new video showing how to fix the roof leak you just found Go see “how to fix rock roof leaks”. Rock roofs are the hardest flat roof to repair. You can fix any other flat roof by this same method.. ***** Feb 25 , 2011 update *****Here’s how to find roof leaks on flat roofs. You can fix any leak if you can find it paint thinner is used instead of water for a number of reasons. Paint thinner acts just like the water, so where the air comes out, the water can go in. Look for the bubbles of air.

Second, the thinner goes in the hole and melts the tar. When you patch the hole , the tar also goes inside, and seals inside.
see http://www.youtube.com/my_videos?feature=mhw4 for fixing a transition between flat and sloped roof

If you send me a picture of you r roof, I will do my best to diagnose the problem for you.

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