Are you looking at cost saving options for flat roof repair or replacement? This video discusses a very cost effective solution for your flat roof. Roof resurfacing may be an option where we’re keeping your old roof in tact and adding another layer to the top surface of your existing roof to make it last a lot longer. We don’t have to remove the old roof allowing you to keep the cost a lot lower than a full removal and reinstall.

In order to be a good candidate for roof resurfacing. The rood needs to be in 70 percent good condition. No more than 30 percent of your roof can be saturated with roof leaks and the underlayment is wet. Up to 30% it is considered cost effective.

We can resurface any flat roof system. Hot asphalt and gravel roofs are candidates for roof resurfacing if they fit in the cost effective criteria we discussed in the video. Other roofing systems: TPO and single-ply roofs are also good candidates.

We remove the old gravel. Then we use gas powered water pressure washers to pressure wash the entire roof. Then we take an infra red scanner gun to look over the roof system to see what is going on below the top layer of the roof to see if there is any wet insulation boards we need to change. We mark the boards we need to change. Then we cut them out and put in dry insulation boards in its place. We apply a clear primer over the entire roof surface which brings up the old asphalt to a sticky state which will allow the newly applied asphalt to stick or adhere to it.  Then we do a coat of hot flood asphalt to the entire roof surface. We let it cool and add another layer of asphalt but we add in Polara Reinforcement material into that hot asphalt.  Once that process is completed we add in yet another layer of flood coat asphalt over the entire roof to give a nice smooth black top. And then you can select your topping (gravel, white marble, Durex, Top Coat,, or whatever type cover to the top of the membrane the customer wants to use in providing protective, reflective protection against the sun or UV exposure. That’s how a resurface it completed.

Types of flat roofs that can be resurfaced: Hot Asphalt, PDM, Torch Down, Modified Bitumen, EPDM, and most Single Ply Membranes.

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