Three Types of Roofs your buildings have:

  1. Rubber (welded seam metal roof),
  2. Modified (torch down roofs with real fine gravel coating on it) and
  3. Build Up Roofs (hot mop tar roof with several layers of felt and tar plus a layer of gravel).

Its a Good Idea To Keep a Good Eye On Your Roof

This video shares valuable information about the 3 different roof types and what to look for when inspecting roofing systems. Property Owners and Property management companies should take a few minutes to walk their roof.

  1. Check the seams of the roof
  2. Check where it turns up on the wall …
  3. Look for holes …
  4. Make sure you police the roof …
  5. Look for any screws and bolts …
  6. Check around for any garbage and remove any trash off your roof …
  7. Broken glass (bottles) …
  8. Check patches … patches that are starting to fail are leaks that are about to happen!
  9. Check your vent stacks … make sure the boots are tight and that they are properly sealed.
  10. Make sure your parapet metals are in good shape. Check your parapet walls to ensure the seams are well sealed and look for any missing parapet metals. Double check for any holes or loose parapet metal to prevent water from getting into your wall or creating a potential leak.
    • Any wall in the perimeter of a restaurant is a parapet wall
  11. Invest in walk off mats – it gives you a second line of protection where all the traffic is from where people are servicing your units.
  12. Make sure you have a good clean roof!

Police Your Roof – Great Advice For Maintaining Your Buildings Roofing System

It could save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in roof maintenance cost over the life time of your roof. Here are some tips on what to look for on these types of roofing systems.

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