,http://www.StarkweatherRoof.com | Starkweather Roofing repairs another old, failed counter flashing seal, which has been a repeated problem on this building due to the lack of proper and regular proactive cleaning and maintenance.

Over time, your flat roof will begin to deteriorate from constant exposure to the elements and from the extreme heat & UV radiation from the sun.

Depending on weather conditions and your cleaning & general maintenance schedule, a flat roof will typically last 15-20 years. But the hotter the climate and the less frequent cleaning & maintenance occurs, the faster roof deterioration accelerates. As a roof dries out over time, it begins to pull apart and split & crack from the expansion and contraction resulting from the drastic temperature changes during a rainstorm, as well as from natural building movement.

Here is an example of normal deterioration on a roof that hasn’t been properly and regularly cleaned and maintained. This is the third time in the past 12 months that Starkweather Roofing has been called out to this building to repair a tenant’s roof leak which resulted from cracked counter flashing sealant alone. The deterioration of this roof is beginning to accelerate.

The scupper is cleaned so it too can be evaluated for damage. In this case, fortunately there is none. The existing failed caulking material must first be cut out and completely removed all around the affected counter flashing, as well as the wall joint covering. To ensure a proper long-term waterproof seal, Starkweather Roofing’s service technician applies a polyurethane construction sealant. The material is smoothed over to ensure complete coverage and a smooth finish. Any potential opportunity for water intrusion in the leak area – including the wall joint itself – is addressed.

The leak is now fixed, but there are many more deteriorating areas on this roof that, without proactive cleaning and maintenance, will eventually (and likely soon) cause new roof leaks to negatively impact the building tenants below.

Unfortunately for the company who manages this building, in just three months they have already spent more on roof leak repairs than an entire annual general maintenance contract (which covers cleaning, preventative maintenance, and emergency leak repairs) would have cost them. And with nine months remaining in the calendar year (including monsoon season), this decision to forego a roof maintenance contract is proving quite costly.

For emergency roof leak repairs, or if you would like more information or an estimate on a proactive roof cleaning and maintenance contract for your roof, please contact the professionals at Starkweather Roofing. We can be reached at (602) 997-0529, via email at Service@StarkweatherRoof.com, or fill out our short online form at http://www.StarkweatherRoof.com. Starkweather Roofing is a proud partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks.,[ne_semantic_video video_id=”RCLE8u9evqE” title=”Commercial Roof Repair – Deteriorated Counter Flashing Sealant – Starkweather Roofing” upload_time=”2013-03-21T13:13:12.000Z” description=”http://www.StarkweatherRoof.com | Starkweather Roofing repairs another old, failed counter flashing seal, which has been a repeated problem on this building”]