,Nervous About Roof Repairs? Think It’s Time to Re-Roof?
Don’t Sweat It, Our Cool Roofing Systems Offer an Economical and Green Option to Your Commercial Roofing and Maintenance Needs.

Why Replace When You Can Restore with Our Cool Roof System?
Let’s face it; a new roof is a hefty cost to any commercial business big or small. We get it, the demolition of an old roof and installation of a new one can be a mess for business owners and clients alike. Our Cool Roofing System offers a cost and energy efficient solution to meet your commercial roofing needs. A cool roof has three basic layers; an asphalt foundation, a white polyester membrane and a final layer of white reflective coating. Together these three elements create a NEW ROOF. Don’t waste thousands on a costly re-roof and tear off, go green, stay cool, and save time and money with our Cool Roofing System instead. Our Cool Roofing Systems can be applied to existing and new roofs, call us today for more information, (800) 344-5711.

Why Spend Thousands On A Premature Commercial Roof Replacement, when you can save with a Cool Roof? A cost effective Cool Roofing System includes easily installed Reflective Roof Coatings and Reflective Membranes. No costly tear offs, no heavy, loud machinery, no demolition costs, no dumping fees, no permit required, no headache! Reflective Roof Coating and Reflective Membranes are seamless, resilient, flexible surfacing materials that are applied to an existing roof to reflect the sun’s rays, protect your roof and reduce cooling costs. Avoid the headache of a costly tear off; call us today for a Cool Roofing System Estimate, (800) 344-5711.

When applied, Reflective Roof Coatings, or Elastomeric Coatings, become mirrors reflecting the sun’s heat back into the atmosphere to reduce solar heat, especially in areas with hot, sunny weather. Elastomeric roof coatings reflect up to 85% of the sun’s UV Rays, and can reduce surface roof temperatures by up to 80°F. Reducing the surface temperature on your roof will drastically reduce cooling costs within the building. Investing in a Cool Roofing System will actually put money back into your wallet; imagine lowering your cooling costs and overall energy usage upwards of 25% annually. In a few years, your Cool Roofing System will have paid for itself, call us today to start saving your roof and your money, (800) 344-5711.

Here’s the deal, the sun is your roof’s biggest threat! Daily sun and heat exposure are the principal danger to a traditional roof; continual exposure to and absorption of high solar heat is detrimental to the longevity of your roof. Installing a Cool Roofing System can increase the life of your roof by 15 years. After an Elastomeric Roof Coating is laid, the reflective roof coating will prevent your roof from absorbing up to 85% of the sun’s roof deteriorating heat! Elastomeric Roof Coatings and Elastomeric Membranes will protect your roof, and save you time and money while offering you an energy efficient, green roofing option. Go Green and call us today for an estimate, (800) 344-5711.

Your new Cool Roofing System is Title 24 Compliant and may also be eligible for a California Energy Rebate, which can help lower the initial installation costs, making a Cool Roof an even more economical option. Plus, our Cool Roofing System comes with a 10-year renewable warranty. Call us today and ask about our Commercial Roof Maintenance Programs, (800) 344-5711.

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