This video shows you how to apply and where you can buy GacoPro 100% Silicone Roof Coating. GacoPro Roof Coating is a professional grade, 150% elastic, 100% silicone roof paint for flat and pitched roofs that can be applied year round and guarantees protection and waterproofing for 20 years.

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GacoPro Roof Coating is a single pack, moisture cured liquid coating that can be applied directly to the following surfaces without the need of a primer; aged/weathered felt, asphalt, EPDM, Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) & most other single ply membranes, asbestos, steel, plastisol, concrete, lead, WPB plywood (apply 3 coats), fibreglass, sprayed polyurethane foam, tar and gravel, modified bitumen, built up systems (BUR), cap sheet, torch down, most existing roof coatings and more.

GacoPro Roof Coating is easy to apply by brush, roller or spray and produces a protective coating to permanently protect against leaks, constant ponding water, and the damaging effects of severe weather making it also ideal for valleys, gutters, channels etc. on roofs.

Refurbishing a roof or gutter with GacoPro Roof Coating is economical, causes less disruption, is fast to carry out, and is environmentally friendly & energy saving. In many cases where a roof would otherwise require total removal and reinstallation GacoPro Roof Coating is able to extend the life of the roof by a minimum of 20 years. Furthermore, using GacoPro Roof Coating in Solar Reflective White will reflect over 85% of the sun’s rays, drastically reducing damaging thermal shock (expansion/contraction) which will in turn, further extend the life of the roof and help to reduce building cooling costs, saving energy.

Features & Benefits:

– No reinforcing fleece or mesh required saving material cost, labour cost and installation time. GacoPro Roof Tape or Liquid Roof Tape can be used to fix any cracks, corners, upstands, etc. prior to application.
– No primer required over most surfaces again saving material cost, labour cost and installation time.
– Can be applied in temperatures as low as 1°c and up to 45°c making year round application possible.
– The single pack formulation makes it fast and easy to apply by roller, brush or spray.
– Available in two colours (Light Grey & Solar Reflective White) these can be used as contrasting colours on each coat to aid application by ensuring correct coverage.
– Totally waterproof after just 2 hours, even under permanently ponding water.
– The seamless finish resists the growth of moss and algae keeping the roof cleaner for longer.
– Remains flexible in all weather conditions and temperatures.
– Outperforms other industry Acrylics, Urethanes, & Bitumen coatings.
– The Solar Reflective White finish reduces roof temperatures up to 85% which in summer will help to reduce building cooling costs, saving energy.
– 20 Year factory warranty on product.

Complimentary Products:

GacoFlex GacoWash

A concentrated cleaning solution for roof membranes and existing waterproof systems. It is specially formulated to remove tough dirt, pollen, mildew and fungus before the application of GacoPro Roof Coating is carried out.

GacoFlex E5320 2-Part Epoxy Primer/Filler

A water based, multi-purpose primer offering excellent adhesion to most surfaces including metal roofs, metal flashing, other coatings, wood, masonry, single-ply membranes and more, and helps improves adhesion.

Gaco Roof Tape

A self-adhesive seam tape that maintains its elasticity and splice integrity when subjected to severe ultraviolet rays, thermal shock, ponding water, and extremely low temperatures.

Gaco Liquid Roof Tape

A thick, high-build, rubber-like liquid with microfibres, unique properties allow it to replace traditional rubber and mesh seam tape when used in conjunction with GacoPro Roof Coating.

GacoFlex SF2036 WalkPad

A stay-put solution for creating highly-visible rooftop walkways.

GacoFlex WalkPad Granules

GacoFlex WalkPad Granules complete the GacoFlex SF2036 WalkPad walkway system providing a traction enhancing textured surface.